New Build Cleaning - case study #1

Photo via Bristol Post

Case Study - Whitehall Rd

It was a privilege to be part of Bristol’s first 100 per cent affordable housing scheme. 14 new properties to be handed over to local families who all were in "desperate need of bigger homes".

Phase 1 - Builders Clean

The houses were released to us for the first clean 7 at a time for what we call a pre-carpet and mastic clean or 'builders clean'. Due to a long period of dry weather the floor boards were in good condition with not too much mud having been walked in by the different trades. The clean consisted of total dust removal, the scraping and vacuuming of all floors and the wiping of all surfaces with special attention paid to the areas to be mastic'd. This included the cleaning of all window frames especially where the frame meets the wall, an area that often has plaster and paint, this was the case here so care was taken to ensure that the frames surface was completely ready mastic. Done well this really makes a difference to the appearance of the quality of the finish. We were contracted to clean both the interior and exterior of the windows, with the builders clean phase only requiring the interiors to be cleaned due to the ongoing exterior construction works still making dust.

Phase 2 - Sparkle Clean

Often on new build projects where there is multiple houses the finish and release of plots to us will be staggered as we follow from plot to plot behind the trades carrying out snagging. However this project was unusual in that all 14 properties were released to us at the same time with strict handover deadlines. To complete on time required working around and with the other trades on site - maintaining clear communication was key here. Unfortunately the dry weather was over and ensuring the houses were now 'no shoe zones' was essential.

We sparkle cleaned 3 properties a day, completing on day five, one day ahead of schedule.

The homes were handed over at the end of November and were full of happy new tenants just days later. At Clear Site our standards are always the same whether the cleaning job is 'new affordable homes' or multi-million pound renovations, we aim to highlight the quality of the build and provide properties perfectly ready to move in to.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees opening the development. photo via Bristol Post

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