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We are a Bristol based cleaning company serving Bristol and the South West. We specialise in End of Tenancy and Builders Cleaning. Our first blog post is going to look at what we mean by 'End of Tenancy' and 'Builders Clean'.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We use the term end of tenancy to cover most domestic deep cleaning where the property is mostly empty of belongings and often furniture. This includes moving in and moving out cleans and 'check in' and 'check out' cleans. We simply use 'end of tenancy' because it is by far our most requested service, this is because Landlords and/or Estate Agents often state in the contract that the property will need to be professionally cleaned when the tenancy ends. Professional cleaning ensures that the tenant will get the maximum deposit back.

Find out more about our End of Tenancy cleaning service.

Builders Clean

A builders clean usually consist of 2 visits. The first 'builders clean' is to prepare the property for the final stages of the build. It includes total dust removal, the preparation of all floors for carpeting, tiling, laminating. Another focus is preparing all surfaces that are to be sealed with mastic and also involves a general clean to help make the snagging process as efficient as possible. Because of this we will often call the 'builders clean' a 'pre-carpet and mastic clean'.

Once the carpeting, sealing and snagging is complete we then visit for the second time to provide a 'sparkle clean' which involves a meticulous cleaning of every inch of the site leaving the property 100% ready for handover, viewings or the client to move in. Find out more about our builders cleaning service.

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