Builders Clean Checklist

It sounds like a cliche to say every job is different, but for builders cleaning this is very much the case. Sometimes there is still building work and snagging to be completed then the focus will be simply on preparing the floors for carpeting and the surfaces for sealing. In this case the 2nd clean, the sparkle clean, will be a bigger more laborious task.

Sometimes much of the cleaning can be completed on the 1st visit with the 2nd being to re-vacuum and mop the floors and double check everything is right for handover.

Either way our builders and sparkle cleans together will, at a minimum, tick everything on this checklist.

Builders & Sparkle Clean Checklist

  • Complete dusting/vacuuming of all areas of the buildings interior

  • Prepare all floors to be carpeted - scraping, vacuuming

  • Grouting removed from newly-tiled areas & tiles polished

  • Clean window sills, door sills and window ledges

  • Clean windows & doors inside/outside, glass, frames, sills & tracks

  • All labels removed from new bathroom sanitary ware & kitchen appliances

  • Vacuum and mop tiled floors

  • Special care taken of new floors - Tiles, Wood, Vinyl according to the supplier's instructions

  • Dust all skirting boards and clean where necessary

  • Wipe doors, mouldings, handles and trim throughout

  • Vacuum all cupboards inside and out

  • Clean and polish all wood, chrome, mirror and stainless steel finishes

  • Clean showers, tubs, basins and toilets inside and out

  • Dust all ducts, vents, extraction

  • Wipe light fixtures

  • Sweep/Vacuum concrete garage floors

  • Remove paint from hinges, light switches etc where possible.

Find out more about our post-construction, after builders, builders and sparkle cleans.

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